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Monthly Archives: May 2020

    Stranded Without a Kitchen Island?

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 26, 2020

    When it comes to home improvements, there are few things that are requested more often than kitchen islands. Having a kitchen island can totally change the way that you work in your kitchen, and in some cases they can even add new functionality that you might not have had before. Because they’re such a hot... Read More

    Update: Latest Construction Trends

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 26, 2020

    Throughout the years, the construction industry, and the trends that it follows, have changed significantly. While some key elements in construction tend to stay more or less the same, in other areas the industry needs to be adaptable to keep up with the changing wants and needs of consumers and other clients. So if you’re... Read More

    Adding On – Up! Things to Consider Before Adding a New Story

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 26, 2020

    Even if you absolutely love your house and the area you live in, sometimes you’ll find that you just don’t have enough room for your family and all your stuff. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you need some extra room for things like a new addition to the family or an office... Read More

    What You Need to Know About Debt Consolidation

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 22, 2020

    If you’re carrying around a lot of debt, the number of payments and the various interest rates you have can make managing it quite difficult. Some people choose to get this under control through debt consolidation. By consolidating your debts, you can reduce multiple items to a single payment with a single interest rate, making... Read More

    Top Repairs to Tackle Before Listing Your Home

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 22, 2020

    When you put your home on the market, you obviously want to get as much as you can for the property. A lot of things can affect your home’s value, including many items that are largely out of your control. That’s not saying that you can’t do anything to bring the value up before listing... Read More

    Tips for Bringing a Pro Into Your Bubble

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 20, 2020

    While everyone is home trying to stay healthy, there are a lot of people who have taken to trying to do things around the house on their own. This has helped homeowners keep busy when they have little else to do. Unfortunately, there are some jobs that are just too big for a DIY; for... Read More

    How to Support Your “Non-Essential” Home Pros

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 20, 2020

    There has been a lot of focus in recent weeks on “essential” workers in our economy. In most places, this includes at least portions of the construction industry as well as a few other types of home pros. Unfortunately, this can leave some of our favorite professionals temporarily shut down due to local restrictions. This... Read More

    Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 13, 2020

    Wallpaper has been around for thousands of years in one form or another, with wallpaper-like wall coverings being used in China in 200 B.C. Modern style wallpaper with repeating patterns on continuous sheets was created by Jean-Michel Papillion in 1675, and it has remained a popular option ever since. With that said, wallpaper hasn’t been... Read More

    Considering a DIY Interior Paint Job?

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 13, 2020

    There are a lot of people tackling DIY projects at the moment. Some of these are necessary projects that people are doing themselves to avoid bringing strangers into their homes. Others are simply a way to pass the time and shake off some boredom. Regardless of the reason, you might find yourself considering some interior... Read More

    Public Spaces and Social Distancing

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 11, 2020

    It goes without saying that no one expected 2020 to turn out the way that it has. The last several weeks have been especially difficult, with businesses shutting down and people needing to stay at home. Though the measures seemed extreme, they were necessary as a way for people to protect both themselves and others... Read More