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Monthly Archives: November 2020

    Why Do I Need Earnest Money?

    By Christie Frankenstein | November 24, 2020

    When you’re shopping for a home, it can feel like you’re hemorrhaging money. You’ve got all sorts of things to pay for, from loan application fees to home inspections, so when the issue of earnest money comes up unexpectedly, it can be a “slam on the brakes” moment. Now that the days of low to... Read More

    Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    By Christie Frankenstein | November 16, 2020

    There are some chores around the house that make you feel like you’ve really done something, giving you a sense of massive accomplishment and joy. Cleaning gutters isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, it’s a chore that still has to be done, whether it’s fulfilling or not. And if you’ve got to do a thing, you... Read More

    The Home Mortgage Refinance Process

    By Christie Frankenstein | November 10, 2020

    When rates are low, it can seem like the ideal time to refinance your mortgage. After all, who doesn’t like a lower interest rate? There are lots of good reasons to refinance your mortgage, such as adding on or trying to streamline your expenses, but what’s really involved in the process? Mortgage Refinancing: The Basics... Read More