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Monthly Archives: December 2020

    2021’s Colors of the Year Unveiled!

    By Christie Frankenstein | December 29, 2020

    Everything has its season, and for paint, winter is that time. Year after year, paint companies release their chosen Color(s) of the Year, which are meant to be reflections on trends that are coming to interior design near you. If you’ve been considering repainting a bedroom or your whole house, knowing what’s in can help... Read More

    Should You DIY Your Holiday Lighting?

    By Christie Frankenstein | December 14, 2020

    A good holiday light display can be awe-inspiring, leaving neighbors talking and prompting people from all over town to drive by just to see it. Unfortunately, some of these displays can be difficult to install, and may even require some technical know-how if you want the display to sync to music or have multiple parts... Read More

    What Are Smart Vents?

    By Christie Frankenstein | December 8, 2020

    When it comes to home automation, one of the more popular options for consumers is the smart thermostat. These devices can be a great addition to your home, giving you more control over heating and cooling to keep the house comfortable while keeping your energy costs in check. Unfortunately, just getting a smart thermostat isn’t... Read More