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Monthly Archives: April 2021

    Garden Walkway Lighting Basics

    By Christie Frankenstein | April 26, 2021

    There’s not much that makes as big of an impact on a garden or other outdoor space as some mood lighting. Although your garden or walkway lighting won’t shine quite as brightly in the daytime, the lighting you choose can make a huge difference to the functionality and look of the space where you install... Read More

    Whole Home Water Filtration Systems and You

    By Christie Frankenstein | April 22, 2021

    Your home is your castle, but like a lot of castles in the days of yore, the water could probably be better. Unlike in those ancient castles, though, modern technology makes it possible for you to have clean, safe water, no matter what sort of problems plague your fortress’s water supply. Choosing a whole home... Read More

    Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: Top Items to Watch

    By Christie Frankenstein | April 20, 2021

    Spring is here, so that means it’s time to start getting ready for the months ahead. Chances are you’re looking forward to being outdoors, maybe firing up the grill, planting a garden, or spending some quality time in the pool. Before you get down to the business of enjoying the nice weather, though, there are... Read More

    When Should You Get Your A/C Ready for Summer?

    By Christie Frankenstein | April 13, 2021

    It may still be just barely spring, but summer is right around the corner. For a lot of homeowners, that means flipping the heat to air conditioning, and, potentially, discovering that their air conditioner isn’t working properly. This is why it’s so important to check your air conditioning system now, before you really need it.... Read More

    Is This the Year to Repaint Your Home?

    By Christie Frankenstein | April 6, 2021

    There’s nothing like a postcard-fresh paint job on your home to make it look and feel brand new again, but it’s unlikely you’ll need a new coat of paint every year. So how do you know when it’s time to repaint? Let’s walk through some of the biggest signs that it’s time to break out... Read More