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Monthly Archives: July 2021

    Improve Your Home’s Organization!

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 27, 2021

    Organization is an important part of keeping your home clean and tidy. Unfortunately, organization doesn’t always come easy to homeowners. It may be that your home just lacks the storage solutions that you need to effectively organize, or your house simply isn’t large enough to effectively contain all your family’s stuff. Maybe there is enough... Read More

    Smart Kitchens, Smart Faucets

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 21, 2021

    So-called “smart” devices are increasingly popular, adding new features and functionality to just about every room in your home. One room that you might not consider for a smart upgrade is the kitchen, but you should. There are a number of sensors and connected devices that can transform your kitchen into something special. One great... Read More

    Does Your Tree Need a Trimming?

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 13, 2021

    For some homeowners, trees are a major component of their landscaping. Trees can bring a lot of beauty to your yard while also providing shade and habitats for birds and other animals. Unfortunately, unkempt trees can be kind of ugly and in some cases may even be dangerous. If you’ve got trees on your property... Read More

    Matching Cabinet Hardware

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 9, 2021

    Whether it’s with knobs, pulls, handles, or some other hardware, you need to have some way to access your cabinets. If your cabinets are relatively new, that hardware is probably fairly modern. But for older cabinets, you may need to replace the hardware, and it might be kind of tricky to figure how to get... Read More

    This Year’s Tile Trends!

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 7, 2021

    Tile is a very versatile material, offering strength and beauty while also providing color and decorative flair wherever it’s installed. Useful on both floors and walls, tile can really define the look of a room and can even be paired with other flooring and wall décor types to create complex looks from relatively simple materials.... Read More