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    Spring Cleaning Trends

    By Christie Frankenstein | March 22, 2023

    Spring Cleaning Trends Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s time to eliminate any accumulation of dust, stale air, grime, or clutter that can breed bacteria and other contaminants. You can easily freshen up with simple tricks while using a system for pacing yourself to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Here are some tips for... Read More

    Ensuring Healthy Air and Water Quality in Your Home

    By Christie Frankenstein | February 21, 2023

    Since the Pandemic, many homeowners have spent more of their time inside their homes, whether for entertainment or work. IAQ (indoor air quality) and water have, thus, become increasingly focused, especially during the winter. As we spend more time indoors, our health can become negatively impacted by contaminants in our residence that we are not... Read More

    Declutter to Destress

    By Christie Frankenstein | February 6, 2023

    Household clutter is typical for many of us who want to avoid facing the daunting task of sorting through our belongings to decide what goes and what stays. Instead, we keep adding to the stockpile hoping that one day we will decide what to retain and part with. Unfortunately, the longer we wait, the larger... Read More

    Kitchen Trends for 2023

    By Christie Frankenstein | January 24, 2023

    Are you tired of facing another year looking at the same humdrum colors, designs, and surfaces in your kitchen? Do you feel materials need to be updated? Like others, you spend much time here prepping, cooking, and entertaining. Consider redecorating for the new year! Peruse the following kitchen design trends for 2023 that many designers... Read More

    Home Renovation on a Budget — You Got This!

    By Christie Frankenstein | January 11, 2023

    Are you tired of looking at the drabby paint on your walls, the outdated cabinets, worn furniture, and stained carpets? Your home is overdue to be remodeled, which is on your wish list. However, you are afraid of what the cost might be. Unless you want a major overhaul, you can still spruce up your... Read More

    Tips for Creating a Home Office

    By Christie Frankenstein | January 3, 2023

    A large percentage of the workforce now is working from home. A devoted area that is free from personal distractions such as family and pets is necessary to concentrate on work tasks. If you want to create space in your home for an office but can’t afford an elaborate renovation, think about converting a spare... Read More

    Interior Design Trends for 2023

    By Christie Frankenstein | December 27, 2022

    Since the pandemic’s beginning, we have been spending more time in our homes. Therefore, the trend that designers predict for next year is associated with solitude and the enjoyment of being in the home environment. Designs have begun to reflect comfort, stability, and simplicity. However, there is also a post-pandemic re-awakening in which people wish... Read More

    Economical Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value

    By Christie Frankenstein | December 6, 2022

    Whether you are looking to move now or may consider it in the future, there are many affordable options for making significant changes to your home without having to do a major renovation. With low-cost purchases of supplies, DIY instructions or professional guidance, and time set aside, you can make improvements that will increase your... Read More

    Signs That You May Need a New Roof

    By Christie Frankenstein | November 28, 2022

    We often take the roof above our heads for granted because we know it will protect us from the outside elements. Ultimately, we face the harsh reality that it will eventually age and need to be replaced. A worn and damaged roof can cause significant interior and exterior damage to your home if left unattended.... Read More

    Should You Sell Your Home in the Fall?

    By Christie Frankenstein | November 11, 2022

    Spring is the most popular time to sell a home, yet there are some advantages to getting your house on the market in the autumn months. Although you may feel you have missed out by not putting your house on the market in the spring, the fall months for selling your home could be a... Read More