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    Essential Tips for First-Time Homeowners: A Comprehensive Guide

    By Christie Frankenstein | February 7, 2024

    Congratulations on becoming a first-time homeowner! Owning a home is an exciting milestone, but it also comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. From maintenance to budgeting, there’s a lot to consider. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with essential tips to help you navigate the world of homeownership with... Read More

    Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades to Save on Winter Bills

    By Christie Frankenstein | December 21, 2023

    Winter is right around the corner, and along with it comes chilly temperatures and skyrocketing energy bills. But fear not! There are plenty of energy-efficient home upgrades that can help you stay cozy while keeping your bank account happy. In this blog post, we’ll explore some simple yet effective ways to save on winter bills... Read More

    Burning Questions on Every Homeowner’s Mind

    By Christie Frankenstein | October 30, 2023

    Owning a home is an exciting milestone, but it also comes with its fair share of questions and uncertainties. From maintenance and repairs to insurance and budgeting, there’s a lot to consider. Today, we’re here to shed some light on the top five most common questions asked by homeowners and provide you with the answers... Read More

    Looking to Sell Your Home? Prepare Your Home in the Current Real Estate Market

    By Christie Frankenstein | September 12, 2023

    Hey there, homeowners! Are you feeling the heat of the real estate market? Well, you’re not alone! With rising prices and fierce competition, it’s vital to take proactive steps to prepare and protect your home investment. In this blog post, I’ll explore some practical tips that can help you navigate this challenging real estate landscape.... Read More

    Should You Build a Deck or Patio?

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 11, 2023

    Adding space outside to enjoy warmer days can create fun and long-lasting memories. However, choosing between installing a deck or a patio can become overwhelming. There are many factors to consider before deciding. First, it is important to understand the key differences between the two. A deck is an elevated structure connected to your home’s... Read More

    Tips to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

    By Christie Frankenstein | June 19, 2023

    Hurricanes are massive storm systems that bring high winds and heavy rain. The season begins on May 15 in the North Pacific and June 1 in the Atlantic and Caribbean. Before Hurricane season, ensure that your home and family are protected by planning ahead with the following safety measures to help your home withstand any... Read More

    Low-Cost DIY Summer Projects

    By Christie Frankenstein | May 25, 2023

    Now that spring is fully here, this is a perfect time to prepare for how you want your home’s exterior and property to look and function for the summer. It’s also fun to find new activities to pre-occupy your time as an excuse to be out on warm, sunny days. You could choose to do... Read More

    Spring Allergen Removal—Getting Air Ducts Clean

    By Christie Frankenstein | April 25, 2023

    Have you experienced chronic ear, throat, or eye irritations, sneezing, coughing, dizziness, or headaches only while in your home and as soon as you use your HVAC system? It could be from poor air quality due to dirty air ducts. Even the American Lung Association recognizes indoor air quality as the catalyst for many allergy-related... Read More

    News Flash–Check Your Roof Flashings!

    By Christie Frankenstein | March 29, 2023

    Have you checked your roof flashings lately? Do you know what roof flashing is? It is a thin piece of galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper used to direct water away where leakage could happen and protect areas such as walls, vents, chimneys, and skylights. Roof flashing guides the water directly to the shingles instead of... Read More

    Spring Cleaning Trends

    By Christie Frankenstein | March 22, 2023

    Spring Cleaning Trends Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s time to eliminate any accumulation of dust, stale air, grime, or clutter that can breed bacteria and other contaminants. You can easily freshen up with simple tricks while using a system for pacing yourself to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Here are some tips for... Read More