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    Home Appraisal Myths Busted

    By Christie Frankenstein | November 3, 2022

    Most things to do with buying or selling a home can be pretty stressful, from finding the house of your dreams, to securing the financing, all the way through to closing. But for most transactions, everything, absolutely everything, hinges on the home appraisal. This is probably why so many myths and misconceptions have grown up... Read More

    Radiant Barriers Help Insulation Do More

    By Christie Frankenstein | October 24, 2022

    We all know the old song and dance: insulate and weatherproof your home to maximize your utility dollars. Filling all the gaps and keeping all the climate-controlled air where it should be is a huge part of creating a home that’s not only comfortable, but efficient. Or so we’ve been told. The truth is that... Read More

    Lightning Proofing Your Home

    By Christie Frankenstein | October 3, 2022

    Big storms can be scary. With the wind, heavy rain, and the threat of even more extreme weather, they can also bring with them a lot of damage. While a lot of people make plans on how to react to some of the big dangers associated with storms, there’s one more common threat that often... Read More

    Trellising 101: Climb, Plant, Climb!

    By Christie Frankenstein | September 22, 2022

    Growing a garden is the ultimate act of faith. After all, you never know if your plants will thrive or if they will cease to be long before reaching their full potential. Hopefully, with diligent care, and a little luck, your plants will grow big, strong, and glorious. When it comes to growing climbing plants... Read More

    Should You Sell or Should You Remodel Your Home?

    By Christie Frankenstein | September 12, 2022

    Your home, as they say, is where your heart is, and for so many homeowners, it’s a lot more than a saying. Their home is a place where they made so many memories with family and friends, and considering selling it can be extremely painful. But what do you do if your home is no... Read More

    What Is a Deep Energy Retrofit?

    By Christie Frankenstein | September 1, 2022

    Owning an older home can be a really amazing experience. Not only do you get to actually live in a slice of history, you’re also there to make decisions about this building that will stay with it potentially for generations to come (no pressure). But it’s not all pink toilets and clawfoot tubs; a lot... Read More

    Create Cool Summer Spaces With Awnings

    By Christie Frankenstein | August 22, 2022

    If you have any kind of outdoor space, the chances are good that it’s the perfect place to hang out in only limited windows throughout the year. Although you probably imagined something like a backyard oasis when you chose your home, the reality is a little different when the sun gets a bit too bright... Read More

    How Does a HELOC Work?

    By Christie Frankenstein | August 10, 2022

    With home values having risen dramatically in the last few years, many homeowners are looking for ways to tap their equity without selling their home or refinancing their primary mortgage. If your home has gained significant value since you purchased it, or you’ve just paid so much of the mortgage down that you’ve got ample... Read More

    Tips for Shading Your Oasis

    By Christie Frankenstein | August 1, 2022

    It sometimes takes a lot of work to get your landscaping just the way that you want it, but it’s worth it when you get to sit down and enjoy your hard work. The only problem is that sometimes it’s just too hot to spend much time out enjoying! This is especially problematic if your... Read More

    FHA 203k Loans: Pros and Cons

    By Christie Frankenstein | July 27, 2022

    Shopping for a home in today’s market can be a daunting task. Not only must you find a place that’s a great fit for your family, you also have to do it under budget and with a limited selection. Some homeowners are choosing to forego many of their wish list “want to haves,” but others... Read More